Can I send you my own hair to be made into a wig?
Yes! Select “Unit Construction “ from our list of products and a PO Box address will be sent via the email provided. During checkout there will be a “Notes” section, please provide special notes (i.e. wig size, etc.) PLEASE NOTE THAT USED HAIR WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. A 30% FEE WILL ACCESSED UPON RETURN.
How do I know what my proper measurements are?
Please see attached sizing chart.
How many bundles will I need?
3 bundles. After 24” 4 bundles
How long will my hair last?
With proper care and maintenance your extensions can last you well over 2 years.
Can my extensions be colored and lifted?
Absolutely! Please seek the help of a professional for your desired color result.
What is the difference between a closure and a frontal?
A frontal mimics a natural hairline and provides the versatility and ability to part anywhere. A closure is the same but on a smaller scale. Depending on the closure dimensions it will mimic only a section of your hairline. All of your natural hair will be protected with both hair pieces.
What is the difference between virgin hair and raw hair?
Virgin extensions is hair that is cut from multiple donors. The cuticles of the hair are not facing one direction which could cause subsequent tangling. This hair can still be colored and worn over an extended period of time but will not last as long as raw hair extensions. Raw extensions are cut from single donors and cuticles are facing once direction. This prevents any tangling and matting that may occur. This hair is completely untouched and unprocessed. In return, these extensions can last upwards of 2 years or more with proper care and maintenance. The difference will be more than evident once receiving your hair!